Testimonials and Feedback from our Patients

“Superb treatment”

Dear Dr Hare & Staff     
“Thank you very much for the superb treatment I have received from you and all of your staff at this orthodontic practice. I am very pleased with the finished result. Thanking you once again.”
“Lovely smile”

Dear Dr Graham
“Thank you very much for giving me a
lovely smile.”

“Much more confident”

Dear Dr Place
"Thank you for fixing my teeth and giving me a lovely straight smile. I am so happy with my teeth and so much more confident. Also, thank you for working hard to get my braces off in time for my prom! I had a great night showing off
my new smile."

"Teeth nice and straight"

Dear Dr Hare and the dental nurses
“Thank you very much for making my teeth nice and straight. My grandma is very pleased with how they look too!
Love Ella
“Teeth look lovely”

Dear Dr Graham
“Thank you for everything you have done for me. My teeth look lovely now.”
Many thanks
“Perfect and lovely”

Dear Dr Place
“Thank you so much for making my teeth so perfect and lovely also thank you for putting in so much hard work to make them nice and straight”. Thank you again.
Best wishes, Kimberley
“No 1 Orthodontist!”

Dear Dr Hare
“Thank you very much for all of the hard work you have put in for my lovely straight teeth.  I really appreciate it and you have done a fantastic job! No 1 Orthodontist!” Lauren
“I can now smile with coinfidence”

Dear Dr Graham
“Thank you so so much for making my teeth so perfect over the last 3 years! I can now smile with confidence.”
“I will be smiling lots”

Dear Dr Place
"Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making my teeth straight. I will be smiling lots now.
Thank you again” Jess

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